Starting My own Business

Woooooow! Who would've ever thought that I would be starting my own business. Me, actually!

I've known since I was a little girl that I didn't like other people telling me what to do. There's this part in my brain that flexes and pulsate every time someone would tell me to take time out of daydreaming to snap back into reality and the ways of the working world. Did you catch that? Yes, I'm a dreamer. I love to cheat on reality with how I would like the world to be. Thinking about what could be instead of what is allows me to escape this world. Escapism at it's finest. However, when I decided to turn my daydreaming into reality, my mind and body became this temple of peacefulness. I'm showing my zodiac, huh? When I came to the conclusion that whatever I would daydream could come to life, I began making my daydreams reality. This isn't my first time "visualizing" then making something come true. I use quotation marks around visualizing due to left brained people taking over the world with their vocabulary.

When I was a young person, I daydreamed about being under the stars on a cool summer night. The wind would blow my ponytails lightly as I sit criss crossed applesauce glaring at the sky. The darkness complimented the stars, which twinkled against the moon. I thought, wow, even when the sun goes down and the world is quiet, nature has the most to say.

Then my teacher would interrupt my daydreaming with, "Ke-ke, would you like to read aloud chapter 2." It wasn't a question though. It was a statement to make me snap back into the pointless curriculum that she taught. All to assert her authority.