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Being an entrepreneur...

Everyone wants to be an "entrepreneur" these days. Everyone wants to be a "BOSS". Well let me tell you, this is the EASIEST THING I've ever done, so it's possible...💁🏾‍♀️


This life is not all butterflies and cotton candy. Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. You will lose money. Your hair may fall our and your skin may act up. At the end of the day, you can only depend on yourself and no one will completely understand what you're going through unless they are an entrepreneur themselves.

Ok, not everyone goes through this but social media has glorified starting a business and I'm here to say, it's not for everyone. Not everyone can be a "girl boss". I'm not really a fan of that phrase anyway. To me, it screams, "patronize me!" There are so many pictures of women sitting with mountains of packages of whatever they're shipping out with a hug smile on their face. It looks easy but it's not. How do you even get there, you ask?

A written plan, schedules, time management skills, ambition, money, communication skills, interpersonal skills, ANNNNDDD sooo much more.

Not to scare you but...

There are tireless nights of creating your product, going through inventory, making sure your books are right. Yes, books! You need to know everything coming in and out, down to the penny because Uncle Sam will knock at your door with his hand out. Some business owners have been punched 😅. Learning what revenue, income and profit margin mean is vital. Along with which license/corporation you need to sell a product and run your business. There's so much more but no one tells you this side of being an entrepreneur. I just want you to be realistic. If this is something you're thinking about, make sure to do your research and stay organized.

I will be sharing my journey really soon on my YouTube channel about how I run my business, the ups and downs and things I've learned throughout the process. I'd love to see you there so make sure to subscribe!

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