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How it all started...

After finding out that many skincare products with big brand names attached were loaded with chemicals and watered down, Sweet Butter Bae set out on a mission to create a body butter made up of ALL NATURAL ingredients. Every product that we produce is handmade with our Sweet Butter Baes in mind. Each ingredient  used in all of our Sweet Butters rejuvenates the skin while aiding in clearing up many skin conditions. The aroma that is created gives each Sweet Butter Bae (#SBB) nostalgia. 
We believe that each one of our baes are unique, which is why we provide personalized guidance on selecting items that are perfect for their specific needs. 


Meet the Woman behind the scene

"Back in College, I decided to return natural. I began whipping up products in my kitchen out of foods that we use every day, hoping something would work for my kinky coily hair. Not to mention, the eczema on my forearms that made me feel uncomfortable. Many products that I used before were stripping my hair and skin of its natural sebum. I also noticed that there were so many ingredients listed that I couldn't pronounce which scared me. After digging through my fridge and cabinets, I came up with some staple recipes for my 4c hair, and extremely dry skin that I continue to use today. Shortly after, friends and family started asking for assistance managing their hair and skin after they seen my results. Next thing you know, a nice amount of people were asking me to whip up products all the time for their hair and body. Four years and hundreds of experiments later, I decided to create Sweet Butter Bae!

All natural. All love. All for us!" - Ke-ke



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